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You should not ever consider Verengo Solar Plus. The company is a crappy joke that farms out their installs to shady sub-contractors and treats their sales force like ***?. High turnover company". No stable technical, sales or management:. Get rich quick scheme - consumers LOSE;.

EXAMPLE JULY 2011: 5 sales people working on a single street,.

EXAMPLE AUGUST 2011: Follow up meetings cancelled without notice

EXAMPLE AUGUST 2011: Installations take a MINIMUM of 5 MONTHS from contract date".

This is not a company, it is a SCAM?. In a sea of sharks, it is an even bigger, nastier shark".

Do not do business with Verengo Solar Plus.


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For one thing, Verengo doesn't operate in W. Virginia.

They use their own employees as installers.

Currently, installs are taking about 45 days from the signing of the agreement until the switch is "turned on." These are facts that I have independently verified, as I was researching solar for my 2 homes in SoCal. Unless you go through the process yourself, don't make dumb blog posts.


Verengo does not use contractors at all. I've noticed the same people posting on different sites.

Verengo has the best prices and the fastest install time in the industry.

Plus they were able to change my agreement when they saw that I could save more money. Best solar company


Verengo is the worst deal on the market. Don't let these jackasses try to bully you into signing a bad deal; educate yourself, and find a better company.


Verengo is awful - they use their sales force, don't reimburse them for mileage, and make them all 1099. I went to Solar City, where the rates are better and they offer you a company car!

Also, Verengo makes you lie to client about the rebates going away as a way to pressure them into signing up. It is AWFUL!!!

to I went to Solar City Los Angeles, California, United States #822095

Rebates in California went away.......State is out of money, I guess Verango was telling the truth which means you were???

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