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Cons: Do not trust this company if you are looking for employment if your an amazing salesman and make the company deal after deal guess what it will be stuck in the computer. They don't care if you cannot support yourself you will beg for checks, pull your own leads (door to door canvassing), waste all your checks on gas and useless meetings. If your not a "team player" and make every meeting they will not give you good territory and leads this is by far the worst sales company to work for?. Managers will tell you in private they have 70,000 in the computer but only paid 20,000 for a year of hard work". This company forces your off hourly and into commision without notice:.

If your a consumer this company lies a lot preying on uneducated homeowners!!! They claim no pressure but are taught to make the sale in home with both homeowners they claim the reason is because of federal and state but anyone can factor these numbers;. Get your free analsis and run for the hills". You are getting advice from a former employee who was taught to oppose any objection". This company is expensive 3 times more then all their competators;. Consultants are trained to play with your emotions and go for the juggular they "seem" nice but don't be fooled they are all sharks".

Pro: free food on saturdays 27bda03

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Mountain View, California, United States #931656

Solar City, Verengo, and the majority of solar leasing companies pay terrible commissions. Do yourself a favor and work as an independent, you'll make 5 times as much money!

The industry standard commission structure is tailored for failure, wake up solar companies, treat your valuable salespeople with dignity and respect, pay them a decent commission, 2.5% -6% is a ***ing disgrace!


You just sound like a bad employee that doesn't know how to keep a job.

to Anonymous Santa Barbara, California, United States #938494



You sound retarded and your grammar is horrendous. Maybe that's part of your problem

I am a appointment setter and am pleased to work for Verengo. No complaints! I'm sorry you feel differently, cheers to 400 installs a month and thanks Verengo for repetitive bonuses -Val :) :grin

You may want to check out "Verengo Solar" on-line - at reputable "complaint websites"...

Cameron Park, California, United States #669903

Do they drug test?


I worked for Verengo for quite some time. The company has one of the worst deals on the market, and is operated by some of the least professional people I've had the misfortune to work with. These people know nothing about technology, nothing about social etiquette, and nothing about how to run a proper business.

My advice: stay far, far away from Verengo Solar.

Mission Viejo, California, United States #599302

Are you seriously complaining about sales reps being taught to overcome objections? No wonder you didn't make it...what do you think sales is?

I've been a sales rep with Verengo for almost a year now and I've had a consistently positive experience. I will say that my sales manager is great which makes things a lot easier. Never have I had an issue being paid in fact I've received a number of bonus checks that I wasn't even aware of. It's not an easy job at all and the majority of new hire sales reps quit cause they can't *** it or get let go for not producing.

Would I like to be paid more...yes, who wouldn't but in this economy I'm not complaining. Yes, I've witnessed some growing pains in the last year but for the most part the company has always tried to make things better for their employees. Yes, there has been a bit of an overhaul internally but they're positioning themselves for growth.

There was one employee (DD) that should have never been let go and he will never be replaced but for the most part it has made the company better. I've seen sales reps come and go and it sounds like you couldn't *** it and need someone to blame.




Sadly it appears Verengo is the perfect example of a company that is NOT living its values. Big lay offs of all the people you helped start the company.

And, letr's face it, they haven't been number one for awhile. I don't see any real trust building going on internally, quite the opposite.

And what's up with all the new hires being Jewish - seems odd? I think the customers are fine for now, it's the employee who need to be concerned.


I have looked at getting solar from Verengo and all the other big names and they all want to get you into a lease that is created by wall street lawyers and accounts. I just installed it my self hired an electrician and roofer did the research and saved more than half. Most of the solar companies are rip offs.

I asked one salesman what happens when the lease is up in 15 years?

1. oh you will not be in that home in 15 years do not worry about it.

(21 years in my home atm)

2. oh just call up the lease company and tell them to remove them and they will just leave them there (now thats funny I bet the lease will be sold many times and whoever owns it is going to come and get them)

What a joke


The guy would use a lot of gas driving to appointments in California from West Virginia where the company doesn't operate...


The guy would use a lot of gas driving to appointments in California from West Virginia where the company doesn't operate...


I worked for Verengo...Only I couldn't stand lying to people about the rebates disappearing on sits. It is a bad joke. I went to Solar City!

You should, too!


I currently work at Verengo. My experience is that of a solid team willing to work together.

I've had issues with my in-company ID, but they have been on top of it at every step and I have only had positive responses with issues.

We treat each other with respect and friendship. If that isn't your thing, best wishes!

to Tank Fullerton, California, United States #614453

Tank? did you use to work for SSI Systems Inc?

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