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I was a former employee of verengo solar. Do not go to this company. They are indeed a scam!!!

I'm making it my mission to tell everyone to stay away from these money hogs and save people the misery from going solar with this company!

It was my job to go door to door and make appointments with people so a sales rep could come to there home and try to convince them to go solar. Biggest rip off ever!! The company claims that you can go solar at no cost to you. They say that it's a government incentive, and everybody will eventually have to go solar, so why not do it now? They get so many people with these false claims. I am a Christian woman, and I refused to work for this company after realizing how much evil they do.

They will ask you to sign a contract, and if you read the tiny print, you will see they are asking for money even though they tell you they won't charge you a penny!! So many lies! If you ever try and sell your home, they make you give them 60,000 from the money you make off selling your home! Horrible company.

Please spread the word! More people need to be saved from getting scammed!!

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I am currently a employee for this company and know that your accusations are false! There is probably a reason you don't work for Verengo anymore.

The canvasser position is not an easy one to hold because it is production based and winter time is rough, but that doesn't mean you need to go spreading rumors about our company. BTW...I am a Christian man and don't spread lies.

Thanks! :)

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